I myself am not a fashion blogger, I like fashion and I would share my outfits but I feel my voice would just be lost in the sea of the overpopulated fashion blogger sphere – in no way do I think this is a bad thing, there are so many great fashion bloggers out there which I just cannot and do not want to compete with.

However, what I really want to talk about is the negativity these bloggers are being linked with – Fashion bloggers are being perceived as vain, unintelligent, materialistic clones. Why is this, why do people associate these negative qualities with people just wanting to be heard?

Obviously in every group there are a few bad eggs causing the rest to be stereotyped but should we hate people for being vain and stupid when maybe they just have great confidence and different interests? For some people sharing their “OOTD” is like sharing their art but to others it’s just ‘materialistic’.

Bloggers are gon’ blog, so let’s stop the negativity.

Play nice.

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