The new Palace x Adidas Collab is meant to drop midnight Friday GMT. The two brands collaborated about 7 months ago and now they’re at it again.

As I was writing the post the lookbook was released so here we are

(I am liking the look of that silver hooded windbreaker) Lemme hear your thoughts.

palace-skateboards-x-adidas-originals-1-spring-summer-lookbook-1-1 palace-skateboards-x-adidas-originals-3-spring-summer-lookbook-3 palace-skateboards-x-adidas-originals-4-spring-summer-lookbook-1-4 palace-skateboards-x-adidas-originals-4-spring-summer-lookbook-4 palace-skateboards-x-adidas-originals-5-spring-summer-lookbook-5 palace-skateboards-x-adidas-originals-6-spring-summer-lookbook-1-6 palace-skateboards-x-adidas-originals-8-spring-summer-lookbook-1-8 palace-skateboards-x-adidas-originals-9-spring-summer-lookbook-1-9

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