Photographer Toufic Beyhum returns to Brixton to photograph the footwear at Friday prayers

Beyhum has spent the past year documenting the worshippers and their taste in sneakers at Brixton Masjid for Friday prayers. “The mosque in Brixton attracts a lot of young Muslims who want to show off their style. Problem is – when you’re wearing a full-length dish dash – your only option to be stylish is through your trainers,” Beyhum told Dazed Digital.

I personally love this collection because not only are the photographs themselves shot in a great way but the fact it shows how people express themselves through footwear. It’s current, up-to-date and expressive, I don’t know what’s to dislike.

“The Brixton mosque attracts younger worshippers and the young people in Brixton are styling. If you look at the shoe rack at the entrance, it almost looks like [the shelves at] JD Sports or FootLocker.” – Toufic Beyhum

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