I’m going to start with this reversible jacket by Kenny Scharf for The Hundred’s, I’m in l-o-v-e with it but it’s not released until 22nd May!

the-hundreds-by-kenny-scharf-springsummer-2015-lookbook-05-960x640Next is the STUSSY Livin’ GENERAL STORE x RAINS 2015 Spring/Summer Hooded Rain Jacket, it comes in Green and Sand (I have a strong liking for the colour green so the decision is easy)

stussy-livin-general-store-rains-2015-spring-summer-hooded-rain-jacket-1 (1)The next jacket has been on my wishlist for a long time now and I think they only wany to get rid of it is the buy it. IT’s going to have to happen. The 1985 Rage Mountain Jacket – look how glorious and bright it is.

CEN570MThe next thing isn’t a jacket (shock) it’s the CAPSULE x Anthony Lister tote bag for their Artist’s Series (which I personally think is great)

capsule-x-anthony-lister-03Another jacket…(I really need to get over this Jacket thing) the A BAthing Ape x Undeafeted coach jacket from the Spring Capsule collection.

bape-undefeated-spring-2015-capsule-collection-3-630x419The next item doesn’t even need explaining – I just want them.

pharrell-adidas-supercolor-sky-hunter-orange-2I also need the Whistles Verity Rucksack (I do by women’s things occasionally) it’s so bloody chic.


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