Recently I’ve heard a lot of negativity around the internet, admittedly coming from older generations where the internet is still a ‘new’ thing – but it is still a valid point – is the internet making us become less creative?


Ok, maybe there are less ‘millennials’ painting and drawing than there would be without social media sites for us to be glued to but then again no one can really prove that. Those with a passion to create art will continue doing so and have a wider area to gain inspiration and ‘follow’ new artists.

I believe the internet is encouraging creativity, it allows us to express ourselves in whatever way we like whether it’s by sharing ‘traditional’ styles of art to a wider platform, or blogging, iPhone photography, graphic design etc – just because it’s online art, does it make it any less real?

Instagram, and many other platforms, are connecting artists and showcasing their art work online to millions of people, something which could of never been done 20 years ago. I firmly believe the internet gives young people the chance to express themselves they couldn’t do ‘irl’.

The fact that ‘post-internet art’ is now a thing should be the answer to the aforementioned question – nothing that stumps creativity would create an art movement.

In my opinion, the internet encourages and nourishes creativity – it gives us the means to express ourselves in a way we might not be able to do before (just look as A$AP Rocky’s insta) it connects us with other artists and inspires us to be creative whether it is through our clothes, tweets, blogs, web design or paintings. The internet is inspiring. Deal with it.

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