Australian artist Ben Frost (@benfrostisdead) is holding a solo show at Stolen Space Gallary, until 2/8/15.
The collection is entitles ‘The New Pollution’ and focus’ on how the elements of popular culture and advertising influence effect our everyday lives.
Stolen Space Gallery (@StolenSpaceLDN) has said on their website “The title of this exhibition ‘The New Pollution’ reflects the unwanted and pervasive nature of advertising that infiltrates our visual and conceptual environment. It also describes the artist’s exploration of painting onto found objects and urban refuse – such as pharmaceutical packaging, candy and cereal boxes as well as fashion bags, board games, vintage stamps and ammunition packages.”

“The literal definition of ‘pollution’ is to: ‘introduce a contaminant into a natural environment to cause adverse change’. I see this as an overall metaphor for the juxtapositions that I use in my work, where I take pre-existing icons and logos and introduce opposing elements to create new dialogues.” – Ben Frost

This exhibition is a must-see, I believe it play to our consumerist minds and make us stand back and notice how much we are being ‘polluted’ by icons and logos. Not only that but Frost also shows us what’s behind the packaging from crying women on Valium boxes, strange clowns on Chanel bags metaphorically showing us the crazy lengths we go to for fashion and personal image.


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