I’ll put my hands up and plead guilty to listening to the same playlists on repeat

I’ll put my hands up and plead guilty to listening to the same playlists on repeat, although I do enjoy listening to new music I tend to always revert back to the same old, faithful albums that make me feel-good in some way or other. A song has to be really special to make it into my exclusive trusted club and I plan on sharing the ones that do.

Hinds – San Diego

From the Album ‘Leave me Alone’ which features songs such as’And I will send your flowers back‘ and lyrics like ‘you couldn’t stay here one more night, so take me to the beach, alright‘ it’s the perfect post-break album.

The album itself is drunken swirl of an album, which is in no way a bad thing. The Spanish quartet conjour up a variety sounds and style in a short period of time that it makes the album so versatile, like a mix-tape which you can listen to time and time again.

The way in which Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote yell the chorus of ‘San Diego’ together gives it a whole ‘girl-gang’ vibe which makes you want to get involved. ‘San Diego’ has a garage pop sound that holds up well with the beachy guitar riffs and raw vocals.

Inspired by bands like The Black Lips, Mac DeMarco, and The Strokes


Hello Operator – Stephanie

Hello Operator, hailed from York, grouped back in 2014 and played the BBC Introducing Stage and Reading & Leeds the same year.

‘Stephanie’ is their debut single via Ignition Records and was released on 8th January this year, taking influence from The Black Keys & Metallica they are definitely going to be on my most-played list in 2016.

Kendrick Lamar – Untitled 2

Kendrick’s performances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon proved to us that he is a historic artist in his prime time. Lamar tells us this with the lyrics “I am the one / Yes, I am the one” while the song builds into a high energy ending in which Kendrick matches with his performance.

The lyrical talent of Kendrick is undeniable but the way the music pushes further away from commercial rap and into jazz is what makes Untitled 2 unique, for me.


TLSP – Bad Habits

After a 7 year hiatus Turner and Kane have returned to grace us with ‘Bad Habits’

Admittedly, 7 years ago my dream ‘Supergroup’ was The Last Shadow Puppets. This is different to their previous releases, maybe it’s because Miles Kane’s signature elements are all over this track while Turner is more an accompaniment with his backing vocals and guitar, which is admittedly very catchy. It gives us a taste of exciting things to come.





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