I’m not sure if you can call avocado on toast a movement but it’s a great example

Late last year Instagram was crowned the most effective social marketing tool, overtaking Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (68 per cent of 18-24 year-olds saying they more likely to purchase an item if someone they followed on Instagram shared it).

People relate to images and personalities and develop personal relationships and identify with other Instagram users while being subconsciously, or consciously, influenced by them. When enough of people ‘catch-on’ to this a movement starts; I’m not sure if you can call avocado on toast a movement but it’s a great example, my feed is heavy with the newly popular green good-fats.

Instagram appears to give fame quickly, within days a user could go from hundreds to thousands of followers from being featured on the popular page or being called out by an influential user. There even seems to be people who seem to solely exist in the Instagram world with the ability to earn a living this way through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Instagram’s popular users can influence from food and travel to even activism (#freethenipple) Instagram is the perfect campaigning tool, with a younger demographic audience wider issues in society are often addressed and campaigned for relentlessly.

The amount of ‘Instagram personalities’ and the influence they hold over a large audience is constantly changing trends, from the most popular travel destinations to the new ‘superfood’ – it’s maybe too far to say Instagram is changing the world but it definitely is a huge factor is defining popular culture, art movements and trends.

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