I travelled to Vancouver in April earlier this year and I’m only now getting round to uploading the photos…efficient as always.

The flight was long, it was hideously long, the only thing worse was the flight back which was even longer. Although the flight was long, the flight was worth it, Canada is full of absolute SCENES.

We spent a few days in Downtown Vancouver before setting off on a 9-hour drive out of British Colombia into Alberta, via a few weird towns and arriving and staying in Banff for a few days, before heading back to Vancouver a few days before flying home.

We did a lot of walking on the first day, I did a lot of moaning and a lot of regretting my footwear choice while limping round Stanley Park. I was not a pleasant person on that day and I’d like to formally apologise to Jonnie, Liam and Will for being a real moaning Maureen and as much as I wouldn’t admit it at the time, I’m glad I did it…kind of.

HOWEVER after a good sleep, a good rest and a promise of no more 10-hour walks I was alright, except THAT drive back from Banff where I had my head in a bucket due to going a bit too hard at Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon the night before – worth it though for the karaoke, mechanical bull riding and all the drunken conversations I had with strangers.

Both Banff and Vancouver were b-e-a-u-tiful, it was crazy to see mountains, city landscapes and beaches in one place in Vancouver and Banff was like being at a year-round Christmas market, everywhere you looked was an Instagram shot waiting to happen.

I’m writing a lot of words but not really saying anything at all so to sum up; I had a great time, it was very pretty and I’m already planning another trip in the beginning of 2018.

(I can’t ~really~ take all the credit for these photos but they were taken on my camera so they’re mine now)

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